Fantasy Football Legends Showcase

Started in 2013, a 10 member league with one goal, become the best of the best. Each season the winnings increase, and another loser is added to Toilet Bowl.

New Season Begins


2022 Ray Killed A Guy (Luke)

2021 The Ghost of Party Marty (Martin)

2020 Zompoc Delivery (Jared)

2019 The Ghost of Party Marty (Martin)

2018 The Ghost of Party Marty (Martin)

2017 Rodger's Green Lanterns (Luke)

2016 Power Bottoms (Chris)

2015 Dirk Digglers (Conor)

2014 Dillion Panthers (Weston)

2013 Zompoc Deliver (Jared)


2022 Deflated Balls (Martin)

2021 Rickety Crickets (Brian)

2020 Zimbabwe Space Chickens (Tony)

2019 Dillon Panthers (Weston)

2018 The Fridge (Ethan)

2017 Zompoc Delivery (Jared)

2016 The Fridge (Ethan)

2015 Chris Stark (Chris)

2014 Grind House (Danny)

2013 Ramrod (George)

2022 Champion

Ray Killed a Guy went on a revenge tour for all the beating he took throughout the season and won his 2nd championship.

2021 Champion

The Ghost of Party Marty is making his impact known and a common theme in our league after winning his 3rd championship.

2020 Champion

Zompoc Delivery becomes our 2nd 2x Champion with a dominating performance all year.

2019 Champion

The Ghost of Party Marty did it again and is our first 2x Champion and Back2Back repeater.

2018 Champion

The Ghost of Party Marty yipikayayed all over Takagomi Grubers to reign supreme.

2017 Champion

Team Rodger's Green Lanterns defeated Ramrod with a team of starters by default.

2016 Champion

Team Power Bottoms slayed the goliath Light Up the Eyes Boyz.

2015 Champion

Dirk Digglers boogied his way past Little Giants for the W.

2014 Champion

Dillon Panthers showed clear eyes full hearts can't lose against Nerd Womper

2013 Champion

Team Zompoc Delivery nubed his way to the championship to become our first Champion over Gollum's Precious

2022 Loser

Oh how the tables have turned. Deflated Balls went from champ to chump faster than anyone else in this league. Yes, he is a 3x champion but now has another trophy to keep him warm at night.

2021 Loser

Rickety Crickets found himself in contention for the bye week earlier on in the season and plummeted into toilet seat ownership. Texas forever!

2020 Loser

Zimbabwe Space Chickens couldn't get right all season and brings the toilet seat back home to Chicago from Denver.

2019 Loser

Dillon Panthers had the team that was projected to win every week but failed to live up to expectations. Losing to a 2-11 team!

2018 Loser

The Fridge can't keep his hands out of the cookie jar as he becomes our first 2x Loser.

2017 Loser

The writing was on the wall this season with a 3-9 record for Zompoc Delivery.

2016 Loser

The Fridge enjoys long walks on the beach and starring at pink toilet seats.

2015 Loser

The White Walkers bested Chris Stark leaving him not with an iron throne but a pink toilet seat to sit on.

2014 Loser

The Gadke was created because team Grind House refused to play the game.

2013 Loser

Officially the toilet bowl wasn't in play our first season.


A bunch of folks who think they know a thing about things, when they actually don’t know nothing about anything.